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Any type of bondage involving metallic restraints or products, as handcuffs, leg irons, along with the like. STING: A feeling of rapid, sharp ache. Use: The feeling due to staying struck by a flogger is normally explained regarding thud or sting. Commentary: All other things becoming equal, a flogger with a lot of lashes (def. 2) creates a feeling with much less sting and a lot more thud than a similar flogger with much less lashes; a flogger with narrow lashes provides a feeling that is certainly extra sting and less thud than an analogous flogger with vast lashes; a flogger with tender lashes (as with a flogger built with lashes of suede or deerskin) creates additional thud and less sting than an identical flogger produced with stiff lashes; and a flogger with braided or knotted lashes produces far more sting than the same flogger whose lashes are usually not braided or knotted.

CANE: A thin, flexible instrument used to strike somebody. Canes are frequently crafted from rattan or a similar content, but might be made of other kinds of wood and even of flexible plastic including polycarbonate. They are quite unpleasant, usually leaving marked welts. Also, verb

SPANKING SKIRT: A particular style of skirt which has an opening from the back again to expose the bare buttocks for spanking. These skirts are Commonly really tight, and In combination with exposing the buttocks for spanking may possibly act as a hobble skirt.

Having said that, these are definitely Intense employs of testicle cuffs. Extra conventionally, the unit pulls down the testicles and retains them there during stimulation, use this link that has a number of benefits:

Delaying or intensifying ejaculation by avoiding the testicles from mounting Typically to your "point of no return". It is far more durable to reach an orgasm.

Stopping the testicles from lifting up thus far which they turn into lodged underneath the pores and skin straight away adjacent to The bottom on the penis, a condition that may be extremely not comfortable, particularly when the testicle is then squashed because of the slap of skin throughout thrusting in sexual intercourse.

RAPE FANTASY: A kind of part play in which one particular man or woman stages a mock "rape" for the goal of gratification of many of the folks involved. See linked consensual non-consent, resistance Perform.

A testicle cuff is a ring-shaped product round the scrotum concerning the human body plus the testicles which when shut won't enable the testicles to slip as a result of it. A common kind has two related cuffs, a person round the scrotum and one other within the foundation with the penis.

CINCH KNOT: A selected variety of knot made by passing a rope or line by means of a gap, then around and about by itself several occasions, And at last by way of a loop near the opening.

feminization, Primarily, feminization carried out by creating the subject costume in Women of all ages's clothes like a punishment for some transgression. PILLORY: Archaic; see

BREATH Management: Any observe in which an individual's respiration is constricted or interrupted, just like a hand or ligature around the throat or having a covering about the face, for the purpose of growing sexual arousal or sexual climax.

PANEL GAG: A particular sort of gag that has a flat panel, commonly crafted from leather-based, held over the wearer's mouth by two straps.

CATHETERIZATION: The act or process of inserting a catheter, generally as a Element of a health care part Participate in.

CHASTITY Perform, ENFORCED CHASTITY: The practice of disallowing any form of sexual release or sexual activity, from time to time imposed on the submissive by a dominant.

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